Drinking and Driving Essay

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I am not yet 16 and do not have my license so I do not drive. I am not 21 which means drinking is illegal. I have witnessed events that have happened because of drinking and driving. The penalty for drinking and driving should be more severe. Being intoxicated while behind the wheel is extremely dangerous for oneself and everyone else on the road.

The deaths per year because of drinking and driving are one of the top causes of deaths in teenagers and young adult drivers. The number of casualties increases every year due to the young, irresponsible drivers of our society. Drinking clouds the brain and alters ones judgment. The first offence of drinking and driving now is being arrested but no jail time. In order to really enforce the law and make it harsher, the first offence should be include jail time. That would really wake someone up and think twice before driving after having a couple drinks.

Receiving a DWI can be an automatic “good-bye” from a job position or dismissal from college. This can really ruin a person’s life. They no longer can provide for themselves or their families. Most likely one cannot find work with a DWI on their record. Families can break up and lives destroyed, just because of a very remedial decision.

People drink because is relaxes them, or makes them feel better. While they are under that influence their correct judgment is whipped out and they choose to drive home or somewhere else with their life on the line or the possibility of killing an innocent person.

There are many solutions to stop people fro getting behind the wheel while they are intoxicated. But it all starts with responsibility, like leaving a car behind and taking a can or having a designated driver. If society could wise up and understand drinking and driving is no joke and the law enforced a harsher punishment, then death rates would decrease.
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