Drinking age

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Trang Nguyen
Sean Smith
English 101
09 May 2014
Drinking Age Should Be At Age 21
Many American adults assume that drinking age must be age 21, because starting to drink alcohol early would have a lot of negative consequences such as having more car accidents, risks of lungs cancers, and so on. On the other hand, some American teenagers also believe if the law allowed the underage drinking, we would have several car accidents, which happens every day. In the article “Heavy Drinking on College Campuses: No Reason to Change Minimum Legal Drinking Age of 21,” Drew K. Saylor shows what bad if you drink alcohol underage is, and Saylor says, “There was also evidence of a “trickle-down” effect on alcohol-related crashes among drivers, with the ratio of the alcohol-related crash rate before and after the policy change 14% larger for 15- to 17-year-old males and 24% larger for females in the same age range” (332). But I do not deny drinking alcohol helps some people to cope with stress, and helps people to become more open in contrast to when they are sober and proper; alcohol can bring people together to share stories as well. At the same time I believe that the drinking age should not lower than 21, because I believe most of car accidents often occur by drunk drivers. I agree with Drew K. Saylor that the law must not change about the drinking age, and those teenagers should stop using alcohol underage rather than arguing and debating about lowering the drinking age.

Drinking alcohol immature is the common the importance issue in the United States, and it is often said that drinking alcohol affects the moral behaviors, especially when you are drunk. At the underage, it will be terrible because at that age, these teenagers have more influences from the outside environment such as learning those terrible things from friends. In one hand, I agree with Marisa M. Silveri that those teenagers drink alcohol because they might be influenced by the history of the alcohol dipsomania family, who always use alcohol like use water, because either they want to relax or they have mental disturbance. On the other hand, I still insist that drinking alcohol is not healthy, especially when more damages happen for those underage people. In addition, you always see most of the alcohol drinkers who are often violent to other people because those drinkers cannot control their behaviors and their actions when they are drunk. Therefore, in the article “Alcohol-Related Brain Damage In Humans,” Amaia M. Erdozain and other authors believe that using alcohol damages the cells, the tissues, the organs, and other systems in the brains, and they explain, “H & E staining and light microscopy of prefrontal cortex tissue revealed a reduction in the levels of cytoskeleton surrounding the nuclei of cortical and subcortical neurons, and a disruption of subcortical neuron patterning in alcoholic subjects.” In short, I will briefly note, drinking alcohol will not be great like those American teenagers think, because alcohol will damage their brains’ tissues and will influence to their moral behaviors. To today, people still forget that drinking alcohol would have several benefits and several harms. Some American people believe that drinking alcohol decreases the risk of the cardiovascular disease, prevents us to get sick from the cold, increases our memories, and prevents us from the gallstones and the diabetes. However, people should know how to drink alcohol moderately instead of unlimitedly consuming it. What I am trying to say here is that drinking alcohol not only brings some disadvantages but also brings some advantages, and people may not blame any awful things to alcohol because the evidence shows that drinking booze moderately will help you prevent from several diseases, which you may not know before. Although not all Americans think alike, some of them will probably dispute my claims that some American people cannot moderate their behaviors when...
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