Do You Agree or Disagree? "Libraries and Sports Have Similar Importance to Colleges and Universities."

Topics: University, Student, Public library Pages: 2 (464 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Some people claim that universities should give the same sum of money to their students' sports activities as to their university libraries. They point out that universities should attract more students to exercise, because a healthy body can make a student bear the heavy studies. On the other hand, most people, like me, strongly disagree with it. In the following paragraphs, I will explain some main reasons.

In the first place, an obvious advantage to spend more money on libraries is that enormous libraries can help us save a huge amount of money, paper resource and the time to seek study materials from a far bookstore. As we all known, the prices of books are more expensive than before, while we have to read more books to catch up with the high-tech era. Moreover, now many students are still too poor to go to school, therefore libraries become the cheapest places to provide useful knowledge for them. Just imagine these poor persons can enjoy a varieties of books in a comfortable environment with enough light and a quiet study atmosphere. How happy they are!

Secondly, another reason why I disagree is that the chief goal of university education is to teach students working skills. Obviously, libraries provide more useful information to students than sports activities do. For example, more and more libraries are also equipped with computers which can encourage students to surf the Net to widen their horizons. Without the Internet, there will be less chances to make friend with the foreigners and catch the latest worldwide information. On the contrary, sports activities are just limited in a small area and a few of friends in some degree.

However, I don not deny that sports activities can provide chances to develop some good characteristics, such as cooperation. But frankly speaking, it is a bit wasteful to spend too much money on sports activities, when we can attain enough free exercises, such as running, which gain the same advantages as well....
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