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“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader” said by Margaret Fuller (Anonymous, 2014) indicate how much important is reading that can make a college student achieve successful position during their studying period and career period. According to statistics by Dr. Abu Hassan Hasbullah, a lecturer who works in University Malaya in Mass Media Department, Malaysian graduates only reads four books throughout three years of their studying period which shows Malaysian students are unaware about the problem of poor reading habits which indicate that less knowledgeable and less innovative graduate produced from Malaysia (Zain, 2014). In my view, over-usage of technology gadget, failure of parents and teachers to encourage reading and college students tendencies to spend lots of leisure time on outdoor activities have been main factors for college student not spending enough time on reading. Firstly, over-usage of technology gadget such as tablets & smartphones can lead to poor reading habits among college students. They tend to spend lots of time on gadget applications and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp & Viber. This makes them addicted by using long period and lack of interest on reading which can lead to less engaged in extensive reading and lack of reading deeply (Karim & Hasan, 2007). Even college student have interest on reading, they would prefer spent more on skimming and browsing information on the internet like e-books, search engine website and digital library for reference purpose which shows traditional reading method have been dashed in this digital era due to can be accessible online anywhere and anytime, time and money able to save and convenient (Mohamed, et al., 2012). Secondly, failure of parent and lecturers encourage on reading have been declining among university or college students tremendously. Parents are too busy on working till they forget to encourage and spending time with their children on...
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