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I am writing this letter in regards to my failure in my study of Bachelor of Nursing at North Sydney campus. I would like to explain my circumstance and appeal for another opportunity to show that I can succeed, given the right circumstances.   On the 13th of December 2013, I received a letter notifying me of my failure to achieve the necessary academic standards and was made aware of regulation requirements.

The reason for my appalling academic result is because I had serious family problems which have influenced my studying environment at home. Currently my father is managing his own business which has not been successful and so we have been struggling to achieve financial stability; so my family has been seriously considering whether we should continue our immigration process or at this point go back to South Korea, given such negative circumstances. This is the reason for my failure to study, as my parents were anxious about our future in Australia and this therefore lead to many arguments which gradually got close to them separating.   As their only child, my duty was to keep my parents less stressed and calm when disagreements arose. Therefore, I faced difficulty concentrating on my nursing studies at home. Eventually we got to the point where it was planned I should go back to Korea to organize our basic living environment - our house etc. (I have my flight ticket and itinerary attached at the back of this letter)

Due to my father’s economic disability, I started to work at a café during my school days. I have worked two to three times a week which disturbed my study. I attended only few lectures and tutorials trying my best and keep up with work, but despite my efforts, I still experienced stress and exhaustion during the study sessions which distracted me from focusing on the lecturer and tutorial. Furthermore, due to my family’s negative situation, during my study periods I booked appointments with Academic Skills about four times and...
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