Distance Teaching

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“Talk about “Distance Teaching” in the UK: the way it works and the success the students achieve” In our days practically every person has a chance to get higher education. Even those people who can’t abandon their jobs or schedules in order to get to a university campus on a regular basis have such an opportunity as distant learning. They can become a student of one of such educational institutions as the Open University in the United Kingdom. The Open University is the only University in the UK which is dedicated to distance learning and supported by the government. Since it was founded a great numbers of people have been awarded degrees. These days’ people from all walks of life and all ages take advantage of the Open University. The University is open to everyone, it doesn’t matter what you background is, nor do you need some level. You previous academic achievements are not necessary. All they ask is that you are 21 years old or older and that you are live in the UK. Distance learning takes place at student’s home, and most of the students of the Open University study part time. Many of them are even sponsored by their employers – which is proof that a degree or qualification from this university is recognized and respected in the job market. The Open University offers courses across undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes. General subject areas include business, education, humanities, law, social sciences and more. All courses start and run throughout the year. Most of the studying done with the Open University is done from the student’s own home. When a student registers for a course, a package of materials is sent out to support his or her learning. The Open University uses a variety of methods for distance learning, including written and audio materials, the Internet, television programmes on DVD and many others. If students require support they can turn to local study center. Some courses have a one-week residential summer school. To...
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