Directed Writing (Formal Letter)

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Dear sir,

Importance of STPM

In response to your article published on 10th of June I strongly disagree with the writer. Studying for STPM is never a waste of time as what the writer states. Here I would like to express my viewpoint about this matter.

2. I am of opinion that STPM students have better opportunities of applying for local public universities when compared to SPM candidates. Students with STPM qualification can also apply for local private colleges and universities.

3. For students who wish to do degree programmed and professional courses , STPM is the stepping stone into their future occupation. STPM candidates are of better qualification to handle studies at tertiary level. This also allows students to have a chance to go and study abroad if they have the financial means as this is because STPM is considered on par with A-levels.

4. STPM is an academic qualification that prepares students to pursue tertiary education. STPM candidates are also more matured and are able to handle the lifestyle of undergraduates without a hitch. Another advantage of taking STPM is that they do not have to take or do foundation courses which can burn a hole in their parents pockets. Doing STPM at school is much more cheaper than any foundation courses.

I hope the readers will be convinced by my viewpoints and realized the importance of studying for STPM. I hope the editor would be kind enough to published my article on STPM to enlighten the readers and I wish to remain anonymous. Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Yours faithfully,

STPM students
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