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La clientèle du vin

Wine is the most consumed alcoholic drink in France
81% of the french people from 18 to 75 years old drank wine during the year 2005. 85% households bought wine for their personal consumption during the year so 22,8M households. 1,3 glasses of wine are consumed every day per habitant.

Sources : France AgriMer Infos n° 168 of june 2010 and France AgriMer Infos n°170 of september 2010 France is the biggest consumer of Wine in the world
France is the biggest consumer of wine per habitant in the world (followed by Italy and Portugal) with 14% consumption of the world production and in wolume :30 269 millions of hectoliters (in front of the USA and Italy). Source : Données source OIV 2012

More and more occasional consumers
According to a quinquennial study made by FranceAgriMer,and published on November the 28th 2012, there are more and more occasional consumers: 45% (once, twice a week or more rarely). The numbers show a new decrease of regular consumers: 17% (who drink wine everyday). Also, the number of non-consumers is stable : 38%.

Nevertheless, 1 out of 10 drink wine at special occasions like weddings, 8,5% of those non-consumers drink champagne as they don’t consider it as wine. As a consequence, there are only 20% of real teetotaller and only 4% of those declare having a real aversion to wine, the 16% left don’t drink wine as they don’t want to consume any alcohol.

Access to a regular consumption at a more advanced age

The access to a regular consumption of wine is more and more tardive. Indeed, in 1980, more than 70% of people older than 20years old drank wine regularly. Now, we have to wait 50years old to see the same phenomenon.

Also, the VINIFHLOR study in 2006 show that households younger than 35 bought 16,2liters/years so approximately 22bottles whereas 31,3 liters/years for the 50/64. The average budget per household is 122€ /year.

Decrease of wine consumption...
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