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My product will be based upon 20th century design movement pop art. I have based my project on pop art because it will appeal with my 20th century theme; it will also appeal with my target market as pop art has lots of bright colours. My target market is for girls ranging from the age of 5-9 I think this will appeal with my pop art theme because girls aged 5-9 like bright, catchy colours, they would like product that are nice and will stand out. My product will be a small sample chair with maybe a desk, I have chosen to design this as it will link with my target market, also the product that I will make is in everyday use and most girls aged 5-9 have a chair and desk in their bedrooms. I also have chosen pop art context as it interests me, I really like the bright colours and I like how you can get a picture or a product and turn it to a picture or a product that will stand out. I would intent to design my product around the pop art theme but I would intent to add my own design and thought to my product. I also intent to make my product in different stages, the stages will be; making a information breakdown, a theme board, a product evaluation,research,a design brief and then I will begin the make of my final product design the I will be testing it and getting over views. The tools I will be using are CAD/CAM, lazer cutter, equipment tools there is also lots of other things. I would intent to complete my project by the time I have been set, but I will try to get it finished before that time as I will like over view from my class mates of what else I can add, I have till the end of year 11 to complete my project.
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