Demographic and Socioeconomic Factors Associated with Academic Performance

Topics: University, Academia, Demographics Pages: 23 (6104 words) Published: January 14, 2014

Jigme Singye , Rattu

School of Social Science, Sherubtse College, Kanglung, Bhutan


This paper intends to study the demographic and socio-economic factors associated with the academic performance of students in Sherubtse College. Pri- mary data was collected through a structured ques- tionnaire through multi-sampling procedures and sec- ondary data obtained from exam cell for the period of 2009 to 2011. The statistics are computed by com- paring sex, place of residence, family support (moral and economic) and Students’ self profile (self-efficacy, commitment level, self-discipline, life objectives, etc). The data was entered using the SPSS v19. The study demonstrates the significant difference in academic performance of students by sex and all other con- tributing factors in achieving academic excellence in Sherubtse College. It is found that more proportion of girls is performing better than boys in Sherubtse Col- lege. Similarly, students from poor family background residing in urban place excel compared to well eco- nomically established families residing in urban place. Thus, this finding also entails the higher probability of achieving the goal of women empowerment in future.


Education is the main, single tool that humans possess through which people makes globalization and tech- nological revolution to evolve. It is the one that ev- ery human need to forward their first step to carry out every activity. In fact, it makes possible to accom- plish knowledge, and skills that helps in developing human capital and provides opportunity for better liv- ing which in return enhances the economic growth of a country. With the World, Bhutan has also entered into the stage where every market of the economy and sectors has become more competitive. Thus, it is im- mensely important to analyze and focus on the quality of student’s academic performance with its associated factors. It is always been the desire of both government and parents that their children and students perform well in academic. So, lots of time and efforts has been made by the educational sectors/the Ministry to come with the appropriate strategies to overcome the factors that affect the academic performance of the students. Despite the stresses that one experiences during col- lege life, it is undoubtedly one of the most important and memorable experiences in one’s life (Chickering, 1969). Numerous factors obstruct the performance of students in schools and universities. Thus, according to Me Comb et al (1990) and Bakare (1975), the aca- demic performance of the students depends on their at- titude, motivation for the success and the study habit. Therefore, in this paper more emphasis has been given to factors associated with the academic perfor- mance in University level. Social factors such as ro- mantic relationships, clubs, sports activities, teachers (teacher’s skill, qualification and guidance), student’s self profile, parents’ occupational status and educa- tion, family support, and place of residence have been found to affect the student’s academic performance in Sherubtse College as these factors demands time and the psychological state of a student may be affected.


According to Tsinidou, Gerogiannis, and Fitsilis (2010), as the education appears in the form of knowl- edge, life skills and behavior modifications of learn- ers it becomes difficult to measure. Thus, different people/cultures/societies have different definition for education. The student’s self profile which includes self-efficacy, commitment level (Study habit), self dis- cipline, and life objectives plays an important role in their academic success. Likewise, support from fam- ily in terms of moral and economic provides help and encouragement to students for their quality of aca- demic performance. The teacher’s skills,...

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