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Topics: Technology, Hotel, Hospitality industry Pages: 1 (368 words) Published: December 17, 2014
Good afternoon for team, good afternoon everyone!
We are against team.
We against that people too depend on technological environment in the hospitality industry. Technology is improving and expanding daily to make our lives easier. In this day and age, there is a technologic device or software used by a device for every operation in the hospitality world, such as reservation systems, security cameras, point of sale systems, property management systems, mobile communication, meeting matrix, energy management systems, key card encoder. It is important in hospitality because hotels need a good system to manage their inventory, budget, rates, and status of all rooms reservations, as well as managing the guest's charges. Hotels generally use computers to accomplish this somewhat daunting task. Managing a large hotel by hand is very difficult, and time consuming, but may be needed in certain circumstances. Many of the examples of technological advances listed above are clear indicators that the trend Technology Base Self Service (TBSS) is slowly taking over the Traditional Human Touch Services (THTS) in the hospitality industry little bits at a time. Although, we as humans, are constantly being bombarded with technology innovations and enjoying the outcome of their functions, there are some positions in the hospitality workplace that could not be replaced by Technology Based Self-Service (TBSS). Travellers generally come to stay at hotels to be catered to and pampered. Is it possible for Technology Based Self Service (TBSS) to provide the same level of total quality service as the Traditional Human Touch Services (THTS)? Some guests may not mind while others will be negatively impacted resulting in a loss of business. Wan Chi Chen (萬池陳光誠) from the University of Nevada Las Vegas (內華達大學拉斯維加斯) says “Since it is hard for TBSS to express empathy in today’s technology, consumers would still prefer to complain to an employee than a machine. Human employees can have...
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