debate preparing for science vs humanity

Topics: Technology, Human, World population Pages: 2 (914 words) Published: July 7, 2015
human relationship dry and cold
It is obvious that technology and science help us become connected to each other. It helps people to contact each other more easily. But do you think it creates the real genuine, warm relationship between people? Well, I don’t think so. As technology develops more and more, people don’t communicate much through real life conversation, they only do through emails, text messages, and SNS. It makes people stick to the online relationship, not the real one. It leads to depression and social isolation and even to dry and cold human relationship. Communication over vast distances is only useful now that humanity has begun to move around more. Less industrialised communities tend to have relatives and loved ones within close proximity for practical reasons. Technology is attempting to solve problems it has created.

Make government policies, rules regulating science
Humans, whether scientists or laymen, lack sufficient wisdom or information to use the knowledge they do have to the best possible benefit. Therefore regulation is insufficient since it is not clear what that regulation should be necessarily. Given the overwhelming destructive potential of humanity’s misuse of science, its existence can be claimed to be a significant threat which grows over time. Science has been misused in the past, but the risk of nuclear weaponry is now so great that even a small mistake could wipe us out. Ideally, it may seem possible to regulate science abusing by policies or rules. However, as the old quote saying ‘People are infinitely greedy and repeat mistakes.’, it is actually impossible to restrict every single malicious uses.

What matters is us humans we are dangerous, not science
Do you know the old saying, ‘Seeing is Wanting’? Even people who used science in terrible ways such as dynamite or atomic bomb, could be innocent and pure spirit without opportunities to achieve power by science techniques. It does not mean that science is...
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