Dbq Comparing Technology in Han China and Rome

Topics: Ancient Rome, Han Dynasty, Technology Pages: 2 (744 words) Published: December 17, 2012
When comparing attitudes towards technology in Han China and Ancient Rome during the Classical period, there were both similarities and differences. One way in which they were similar was that both their attitudes towards technology were that it was a necessary part of a civilization, because it helps to regulate an empire. One way in which they were different was that while Han believed that technology was a gift from higher powers, Rome believed that technology was useful but not to it’s full potential or fit for people of this community. Documents 1, 2, 5, and 7 all hold the attitude that technology in these civilizations was completely necessary. Documents 3 and 4 hold the attitude that technology is a gift and relates to their religion. Documents 6 and 8 hold the attitude that technology is an artistic and inventive process.

Both Han China and Rome held the attitude that technology was completely necessary in some circumstances for different reasons. Han China held the attitude that it was necessary because waterways are essential to the health and survival of Han population and therefore must be properly regulated by government officials. (DOC 1) They also believed that it was necessary because it helps support the peasant population by offering them jobs and then requires government regulation. (DOC 2) Rome on the other hand, found technology necessary because it creates work for peasants and improves their society as a whole, but they also felt it did not fit the people of the community because the jobs were degrading and unworthy. (DOC 5) Also, Rome saw technology necessary because it could prove who was the most intelligent in society and bring up useful tools, but it was still not worthy of Roman society or to it’s full potential. (DOC 7) This person who holds this attitude, an upper-class Roman philosopher, is intellectual enough to see the flaws in the technological system and understands it’s pros and cons enough to see the necessity in...
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