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The puzzle of motivation- Dan Pink
Podcast review

A Summary of the principles, behaviors, or attributes reflected in the podcast The key message from the Dan Pink’s puzzle of motivation is that, in the 21st century, motivation to employees does not work through the extrinsic benefits like financial incentives but through the intrinsic benefits as they are of self interest. He uses an experiment of karl Dunker’s on behavioral science “ The candle problem” to show case his opinion that when financial incentives are given to employees it limits the creativity and they perform worse. The results of the research conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States and the Economists from LSE also concluded the same. Pink says that there is a mismatch in what science knows and what business does, and many companies are making their policies about the talent and people based on the outdated assumptions. In 21st century motivation is built around the intrinsic benefits and the business operates on “Autonomy” people urge to drive their own lives, “Mastery” people desire to get better at something that is important to them and “Purpose” that is interest in doing something which matters. Pink states that if companies are looking for the engagement, self-direction woks well. Another interesting point is ROWE that is Results Only Work Environment and this concept is developed by 2 American consultants and now adopted by several companies. ROWE model doesn’t have any schedules for work; workers are expected to get their work done. The companies which have adopted this model have increase in their productivity, worker engagement, work satisfaction and very few people switched their jobs. How these principles, behaviors, or attributes apply in a business environment The principles and the point’s discussed in the presentation by Dan Pink play a vital role in business and organizational environment. Pink give 3 examples in his...
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