Cubism Art

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Structural Frame
A.Investigate the two main phases of cubism: Analytical and Synthetic

After 1909, Picasso and Braque began a more systematic study of structure, which we know as "Analytical Cubism". In this period, they removed bright colors from their compositions, favouring monochromatic earth tones so that they could focus on the structure. The paintings of this period look as if they have deconstructed objects and rearranged them on the canvas. One goal of this is to depict different viewpoints all at once. After the artists had grown tired of the Analytical period, they began to develop what is known as the Synthetic period. Picasso and Braque continue to introduce new and controversial changes with the introduction of collaged objects into their paintings. Such as different types of paper e.g. wall paper, music sheets, and newspaper clippings.

B.Locate and display an example of an artwork from each of these phases

C.Briefly explain (1-2 sentences) why each artwork is an example of Analytical or Synthetic cubism

Guitar, Sheet Music and Glass are synthetic cubism because of the year it was painted analytical was from 1909 to 1911 and this was painted a year after. Also Synthetic cubism uses collage and the materials in this artwork have been collaged together. Ambroise Voilard was painted in 1910 So it is Analytical Cubism and the person is deconstructed and there is use of monochromatic colours.

2.Picasso and Braque
A.Describe the art making practice of Picasso and Braque?

Throughout their time together, Braque and Picasso were searching for themselves, a reaction to the culture of the day. There were questions about God, the subconscious, and life on the planet that all played a role in creating this new art. Analytical Cubism, visually showed what the artist thought was important about the subject rather then just mimicking it. Body parts and objects within the picture were broken down into geometric shapes

B.How did the work of Cezamme influence the art making practice of theses artists? (Describe discernible influences from, and references to, Cezanne in such aspects as the treatment of the subject, aspects of composition, colour and surface.

Cézanne’s structural facets led Picasso and Braque to Cubism. And generally, his obsession with formal perfection began Modernism, with its concern with formal qualities (space, colour, composition, etc.), making the painting "work." Cézanne was not interested in creating an illusion of depth in his painting and he abandoned the tradition of perspective drawing. Cézanne felt that the 3D illusion of perspective left out the fact that a painting is a flat two-dimensional object. He liked to flatten the space in his paintings to place more emphasis on their surface This would show the difference between a painting and reality. He saw painting in more abstract terms as the construction and arrangement of colour on a two-dimensional surface.

C. In what ways were Braque and Picasso innovators?

Cubism was running out of creative steam. In an attempt to revitalise the style and pull it back from total abstraction, Picasso began to glue printed images from the 'real world' onto the surface of his still life’s. Picasso painted more works in his shocking new style, although at first no one else dared to try it. Then, after a few months, Braque joined him. Together the two painters explored an even more geometric style.

Cultural Frame
3.In what way do the cubist represent and interpret their world?

Cubism was the first abstract art style. A Cubist painting ignores the traditions of perspective drawing and shows you multiple views of a subject at one time, the colour scheme is simple. Cubists also introduce collage into the painting and were influenced by other cultures especially African art.

4.How did the work of the cubists influence the world of art?

Cubism was revelational style of modern art. This was in response to a world...
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