Cross Currents by Albert Paley

Topics: University, Critical thinking, Personality psychology Pages: 1 (363 words) Published: April 6, 2005
In the sculpture Cross Currents, by Albert Paley, the size, environment, and design of the sculpture help it to create a unique meaning describing the university. It is located in the courtyard on the Florida Gulf Coast University campus.

It's a rather large sculpture which stands almost as tall as the two story buildings on either side of it. The size seems to represent that of college, and the open composition of the way the pieces reach up on the top show how it's spreading out and growing to new heights. Cross Currents is composed of many different bright and bold colors. These brilliant colors seem to signify the different racial and ethnic backgrounds that the university is composed of. Sharp edges and smooth curves symbolize the different personality types of all of the faculty and students here. The sharp protruding edges may be representative of the extrovert personalities while the inward curves stand for the introverts. The metal material it is made from shows the strength of each part, just like we each have our own individual strengths. The outside location is representative of how we are all subject to the influence of our surroundings. Albert Paley shows how all of the different aspects of the people here at F.G.C.U. come together to create one marvelous thing. We gather here to work together just like the different elements of the sculpture work together. Negative space in Cross Currents may display how even though we come together to create one great university we are all still individuals and separate beings. The sculpture is abstract in design causing you do think outside of the box and use critical thinking, which also corresponds to the environment of being located on a campus. This is why people attend universities to develop skills, learn from one another, and learn to develop their own thoughts and ideas.

Albert Paley's Cross Currents, creates a marvelous meaning representing its university environment. All the...
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