Credit Card Companies Marketing on Campus

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Credit card companies should not be on campus marketing to college students

Credit card Company’s aim for the weak, the representatives that work for the credit card companies’ are trained to gain financially in any way possible, and by focusing on individuals who do not know better or have little experience on how debt follows you, such as college students, the credit card companies know they will make the money they are aiming for not in a honest way. Why should they care? Knowing that the majority of college student’s live off of their parent’s support, more than likely the credit card company’s will get paid, one way or the other, as long as they get what they want nothing or anybody else matters. Most college students are vulnerable, and they want what they want, at the time when they apply for credit cards in their minds they feel they will be able to handle the debt, but more than likely it will become over whelming and paying the money back will not be as easy as it was to spend it.

Credit card companies look to make money off of college students, in my essay I want to make it known that out of one hundred college student forty five of them leave college in some sort of credit card debt. I want it to be known that credit card representatives aim for college students, because they know that nine time out of ten, college students get support from their parents, so they will not be really aware of the problems that arise from being in debt, and they will not be the one’s who have to pay it back. I also think credit card companies should be banned from college campuses to eliminate this entire mess of student’s being subjected to credit card companies’ manipulation, this may sound far fetched, but I feel credit card companies should give out extensive warnings to college students, explaining to them all the precautions of credit cards, and to what extent they will go through to receive their money. This being done will more than likely help the...
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