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To Whom It May Concern,
It is a great pleasure to write this recommendation letter for Ms. A to the Computer Engineering program at XYZ University. I have known A since she was a student in my course. I also have a chance to work with her when she is a probationary lecturer in the Faculty of Information Technology. During my campus work with her, A has demonstrated efforts in learning and indulgence in research. I have also talked to A about her future plans at great length; therefore, I’m well qualified to comment on her aptitude for her postgraduate study. In fact, A was one of the 4 honors students of Information Technology Faculty in academic graduation. She also was ranked the 3rd most excellent among 140 students. As an undergraduate, A was always outstanding in class. She actively participated in most seminars of which performance score was the highest. In my course, A was one of 10 students who completed many extra assignments. It is a strong record of productivity for this student who is just starting her master studies. As an educator, A is a dynamic and enthusiastic leader. She organized successfully Information Technology Faculty Student Research Conference and Open Day Ceremony that were practical activities in campus. In addition to academic and extra-curricular activities, Ms. A also interacts well with her colleagues and students. All of her successful works received many helps and supports. As a result, I strongly believe that A would be promptly adapted herself with international education’s environment. In my view, she would be an excellent candidate, and I enthusiastically endorse her application. Please feel free to contact me for any further information. Thank you and best regards,
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