Courtroom Observation

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Courtroom Observation
82A04-8876-CV-285, Deborah White vs. Patrick Gibbs and O'Malley's Tavern

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The case being observed here was that of Deborah White vs. Patrick Gibbs and O'Malley's Tavern, case # 82A04-8876-CV-285. This was brought before a mock U.S. District Court panel of judges, in the Northern District of Indiana. The Plaintiff being Deborah White, and the Defendant being Patrick Gibbs and O’Malley’s Tavern. The Plaintiffs’ Attorneys are Amanda Babbit and Jakson Walsh and the attorneys for the defendant are Benjamin Walton and Jordan Van Meter. In this case the defendant’s attorneys are seeking a summary Judgment for their client. This is a kind of resolution that would allow for them to avoid going to trial only if the Judge sees fit to deem that there are no disputes to the material facts of this case. And on the opposing side the Plaintiff Deborah white is requesting that the courts deny the defendants request for summary judgment.

On that Saturday night at the tavern is where everything began. July 28, 2007, Gary Indiana. Bruno and Deborah White went to eat dinner at O’Malley’s Tavern. Edward Hart was at the same tavern that night drinking heavily. Hart was the ex-fiancé of Mrs. White and came over to congratulate them on their recent marriage. Mr. Hart went back to the bar where he was served multiple alcoholic beverages by the only licensed bartender on duty, Mr. Daniels. He proceeded to consume six shots of whiskey in 30 minutes and when he attempted to get up he fell out of his stool and tripped over a pool stick, but was able to regain his composure, none of which was witnessed by the bartender. After this incident witnessed by the other patrons and not the bartender, Mr. Hard is served one last beer. Now the White’s stand up to leave at which point Mr. Hard yells, “She should have been my wife”, as the White’s approach the exit. The White’s ignore this and continue to the exit. Then Mr. Hard...

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