Coquito Recipe

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Angie D
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August 25, 2013
Coquito is a very popular drink in Puerto Rico. Translated as “little coconut”, coquito is an alcoholic/nonalcoholic drink traditionally served in the islands of Puerto Rico. So for individuals who want to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, serving coquito is very convenient to prepare without using alcohol. The drink resembles American eggnog and is set up using various ingredients. Ingredients such as egg yolks, coconut cream, evaporated condensed milk, cinnamon and coconut milk, make coquito an incredible drink for guests to enjoy.

Many people who make coquito prepare this popular drink in different variations and forms. Whether ginger, vanilla, evaporated milk, or ground nuts are used, almost anyone is capable of making their own personal type of coquito drink. Coquito can be served eggless (served with no eggs) as well. For instance, “Puerto Rican Coquito by the Pitcher” is an eggless recipe where only coconut milk, rum and cinnamon serve as main ingredients.

To discuss a little more about the history of how coquito came into existence to Puerto Rican/American culture, the events of how it was develop prove to be unknown. According to an observer by the name of Janer, he hypothesized that after the U.S took control of the island, the drink was afterwards introduced to American culture. Despite unknown records, there were actually health facts found that the drink contains most calories from the milk. The remaining ingredients add less calories compared to milk of the coquito. Furthermore, depending on how much alcohol an individual does consume, the drink can have a powerful affect to the person actually consuming the drink. Coquito recipe is usually served in either shot glasses or small cups. Sprinkled with a dab of cinnamon/nutmeg, the drink is definitely complete to serve to house guest during Christmas, New Years or even Thanksgiving. Coquito drinks may be given as house gifts to the...
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