Contempary Artforms

Topics: Modernism, Image, Art Pages: 1 (394 words) Published: March 15, 2006

One significant piece of art work that I thought was interesting was a painting that was done by Kerry James Marshall. The title of the painting was called "Better Homes Better Garden", it was made in 1994 (pg. 461). He grew up in the projects of Alabama and Los Angeles. Kelly made these series of paintings to take away any negative feedback that people had about the projects. He was trying to portray an image of piece and tranquility. I specifically like the trade marks that he makes in his paintings, such as the three birds at the top of the painting. He used a lot of bright vibrant colors and objects such as the flowers, birds, and a blue sky. He also used the couple in the painting to show that they were happy Kelly gave off a very much happy and alive aura in his paintings. His paintings show a sign of hope and serenity for all the projects, and urban areas in the world.

Another interesting piece of art was done by Cindy Sherman called "Untitled File Still #48", it was made in 1979 (pg. 463). She used black and white photographs of herself. In this photograph she is standing on the side of the road as if she is lost and wants to find her way to a new home or even find herself. She specifically makes her photographs to depict the stereotypes of images of women. Cindy is trying to say that our culture typecasts women in certain roles, thus keeping them from realizing themselves. Her photographs were among the first to be called postmodern.

In Cindy Sherman's art work it was photographs and they were done in a time period when women were portrayed in a certain image, so Cindy used her photographs to display the real importance of women, and how they should be portrayed as. Kelly Marshall made his point more by his paintings, which had a lot of meaning to them because; he was showing the world that all the ghettos in the world were not what everyone thought of them. There were good sides to the projects too. Kelly did paintings as...
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