Consider the Following Chain of Events. Describe in 350-700 Words the Sensory Process That Takes Place as the Scenario Unfolds.

Topics: Technology, Management, Communication Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: May 5, 2013
The twenty first century is moving right along. If we are not careful it will slip right by. If you are an average American that spent 195 hours in 2007 using the internet then it really can’t slip by. (Locker-Kienzler, 2008). It is amazing how the world is connected through all of the technological advances in communications today. This is especially important to businesses that are grabbing a hold of the technology and increasing their bottom line by doing so. The technological tools included in the changing face of business communication include intranets, extranets, and email. It is crucial to be able to grow and change along with today’s business world or be left behind.

The small hotel that I help manage is included in this technology boom and I am finding myself fighting to learn and keep up with technology. This might not be possible for me if it wasn’t for the technology and communication ability of this online university. Every day I have to keep track of what I do and things that happen by sending an email to my coworkers, managers and owners. This used to only be done in a handwritten journal that the managers and owners would have to come to the property to see. We are all much more in touch now and if anything needs to be taken care of it will be done so in a timely manner. A year ago I had no idea what a cloud drive was. We use this type of technology in our hotel now also. This enables us to store forms, faxes, flyers, notices and schedules for anyone who is supposed to be able to see them. The fact that as manager I can sit at home and check a guest into a room or make a reservation is amazing. I also had an instance where I was having difficulties with a guest; my manager was watching me on camera and typing in the drop box a script for me to say. What an amazing adventure that was. Our guests can also post messages on our website saying what they like or dislike about our property and this reaches all of our future patrons.

I know it is...

References: Locker-Kienzler. (2008). Business communication, management, and success. Retrieved from Locker-Kienzler, website.
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