consequences of technology

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The Negative Consequences of Technology

In this day and age technology is essential for every day living. Companies all across the world use things like email and phone calls to contact their customers and employees. These new methods of contact are a lot faster then thing like writing letters and sending them in the mail. The use of technology has made an every day human’s live a great deal easier, but also has created many negative consequences. Some of these consequences include increased violence, and lack of physical activity and social skills.

Video games and online role-playing games have become more and more violent every year. These are the same games that the youth of the world play day in and day out. Violent games for example Call of Duty and Halo, desensitize kids to acts of violence. Things like shooting rocket launchers and blowing peoples heads off is “cool”. This has been a major concern for parents across the globe, and great increasing violence among children and teens. People hear stories about how a little boys finds their fathers pistol and accidentally shoots his brother because he thinks he is still playing a game. Technology has greatly increase violent acts in today’s society.

Another negative consequence that technology has created is lack of physical activities. There are many examples of how technology has made the current generation lazy and lack physical activity. Today, kids much rather sit in their rooms and play video games rather then go outside and play a game of baseball. They rather watch Television for hours upon hours instead of practicing their jump shot. The main issue this brings about is Obesity. Obesity in The United States is worse then it has ever been. Technology plays a huge role in this problem. People use technology for the easy way out of everything. They will drive down the street to their friend’s house instead of riding their bike. They will go through the drive through of McDonalds instead of...
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