Computers Are Changing the Way People Think

Topics: Computer, Computing, Thought Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Computers Are Changing the Way People Think
This paper explores the changes that have occurred to the human psyche when it has interacted with computer technologies. The following content will investigate related Internet resources related to the subject, including newspapers, magazines, video, and encyclopedias. The obtained conclusions allow drawing up a more effective strategy for the integration of computer use in the sphere of human thinking. Computers have brought a number of changes to humankind. They effect practically every realm of society – business, industry, education, as well as the private lives of individuals. Their use cause modifications in business, manufacturing, communication and in other disciplines. The main aspect of computers’ transformative nature, though, has been in how they have reshaped the human psyche. Employing innumerable programs, computers act as digital assistant in order to aid humanity to not be overloaded with information. Wealthy individuals and business people in general have secretaries and executive assistants to remind them of what to do and when to do it. Thus, those that use computers are able to concentrate on crucial tasks with a clearer mind. Computers help to discharge memory and give more opportunities for the implementation of creative work. They can execute monotonous actions on a consistent basis, giving people the opportunity to develop innovative thinking. These miraculous machines also give access to the Internet and an astounding amount of information is online in the form of encyclopedias, newspapers, and magazines. This enhances curiosity and, besides that, boosts critical thinking. In what way? When someone is looking for particular information, one can become familiar with lots of web sources, as computers enable us to embrace a lot more information than before – this database is great for comparing and analyzing material as well as discovering a new logic to approach a specific subject. The...
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