Computer vs Books

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Chapter 1



What is research?

Books are generally used before Computer was invented. During the early periods, it serves as a main form of giving entertainment, novels, making love stories, articles and particularly on providing information. As we look back on the older generation, whenever they have an assignment or project to accomplish they have to go to school library after class and explore every corner to find an appropriate book that will answer the certain questions and if they find out that the data they have was inadequate, they will find another book and search again. It may be a tiring and time-consuming enough that research yet they’ll go home with a bunch of knowledge. (PD)

As we go through the latest era, modern technology had become a great necessity of an individual. It could provide us things in an instant. Data’s are almost a few key up and clicks away. It will only take approximately thirty minutes or even shorter depending on the intensity of your research. Even if entertaining yourself, you just have to type the websites you want and it will be there in a matter of seconds. Fast every blink of your eye, everything you need will also blinks out on the monitor.

As the year passes by, Technology fastens the way of living. As you read this thesis, you will know the number of students who are satisfied with the fastest way of resolving their learning issues and who are still intact to the traditional way of getting information.

Background of the Study

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In modern society, the most prominent of such devices is the electronic digital computer, or commonly known simply as computer. (Hillary, 1996)

In our new era computers are one of the necessities of students like us, many students nowadays rely on computer in doing researches, no wonder why, how computer evolved so fast.

In the Philippines Constitution of 1987 the following provisions are made to support computer education.

The state shall establish, maintain and support a

complete, adequate, and integrated system of education

relevant to the needs of the people and society.

All educational institution shall broaden the scientific

And technological knowledge and promote vocational


Computers really give a big impact to us in any aspect of life. The effectiveness and resources that technology can give made our life easier nowadays.

On the other hand, reading books is also a good reference to have when doing researches, the ability of books cannot be replaced by technology. Books are one of the best sources of learning.

Spending more time in reading makes a person well informed, adjusted and active in engaging in wholesome activities of various forms that will bring him individual and social satisfaction. With such conditions, it portrays that reading can help in fostering the growth of individual in relation to himself and the society where he lives. (Nebab Lao, 1999)

Books and Computers are considered by many of us as a reliable source of information. We should all know and appreciate the things, learning that they can offer. The absence of these two may reduce one’s life into confinement and deprivation.

Theoretical Framework


The Input-Process-Output (IPO) Model, also known as the IPO+S Model, is a functional model and conceptual schema of a general system. An IPO chart/table identifies a program’s inputs, its outputs, and the processing steps required to transform the inputs into the outputs.

Conceptual Framework

Shown Below is the Conceptual Framework of the Study. It summarizes the variables use in the study.

Statement of the Problem

The purpose of this research is...
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