Computer in Daily Life

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1.As each year draws to a close, the editors of Time magazine review the years newsmakers and select one as representative of the year just passing. This selected newsmaker is then featured in a cover story in the year's final issue. A politician, a chief of state, a scientist-perhaps these are the people you'd expect to see featured in the special issue. If so, you might have been as surprised as were millions of others a few years ago to find that Time's "Man of the year" wasn't person at all. It was a machine: the computer

2.We are living in the computer age. Most of our day-to-day jobs are being influenced by the use of computers. In some areas such as Science and Technology improvements cannot be achieved without the use of computers. Hence, it has become necessary for each and every one of us to have a basic knowledge about computers. Many people are aware that a computer is a machine that can perform arithmetic operations. But they fail to understand that it is also a machine that can choose, copy, move, compare, and perform other non-arithmetic operations on the many alphabetic, numeric, and other symbols that we use to represent things. The four characteristics of computers which make them very useful tools are their speed, storage capacity, consistency and accuracy.

3.In addition to being very fast, computer are also very accurate. However, it has to be remembered that the computer is only capable of doing what it is instructed to do. Hence, errors may occur only due to inaccurate programs(a series of step-by-step instructions that provides a problem solution and tells the computer exactly what to do) or data. Unlike human beings, computers are very consistent and are not bored or tired when performing many thousands of calculations. They are ideal machines for carrying out works of a highly repetitive nature. They cab also store large amounts of data. Once recorded, a piece of information can never be forgotten and can be retrieved with in a fraction of a second. The first computers were built to manipulate numbers in order to solve arithmetic problems. But soon computer scientists invented methods to manipulate symbols and data.

4.To keep pace with the changing world computer was introduced first in Bangladesh Army in 1986 in MS Branch and COD only. Today Bangladesh Army is on the verge of total computerization upto unit level. It is therefore imperative that we are exposed to this incredible machine which can enable us to be more efficient in the execution of our prescribed mission.


5.The aim of this paper is to apprise the necessity and uses of computer in our day to day life.


6.The subject will be covered in the following sequence:

a.The use of Computers.

b.Computer and their impact on our Society.

c.Military use of Computer.




7.The use of computers- particularly personal computers-has expanded so rapidly that their presence can no longer be denied or ignored. Everyone needs to feel comfortable with this machine in order to function in a modern society. To be a computer-literate person, you need to know about computers themselves,the hardware; what they do, their applications; how they are applied through software; and the social impact of their use.

8.A computer is a fast and accurate electronic symbol(data) manipulating system that's designed and organized to automatically accept and store input data, process them, and produce output results under the direction of a detailed stored program of instructions.

9.Computer perform at very high speeds. The time required to execute a basic operation such as addition is usually measured in microseconds(one-millionth of a second) for the smallest computers,and in nanoseconds(one-billionth of a second) for larger machines.The reliability of computer circuits...
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