Compulsion by Tania Roxborogh

Topics: Alcoholism, Face transplant, Drinking culture Pages: 1 (460 words) Published: March 10, 2013
English Essay:
In the novel ‘Compulsion’ by Tania Roxborogh, a challenge faced by Simon is his reliance on alcohol which shows me how easy it is to fall victim to alcohol addiction. Simon is facing the challenge of realizing he is relying on alcohol and needs to stop before it becomes an addiction. Simon’s drinking is bought on by conflict between him and his father who is having an affair, Simon doesn’t know how to cope, he shouts at him the shuts Robbie out of his life, “you stupid idiot!.. You dumb, stupid, idiot!” Simon doesn’t know how to handle his anger and turns to alcohol, however, he becomes reliant on it. Simon knows he has to face his challenge because he is hurting the people he loves, “Simon felt somehow at fault. Like a disease of his bad mood affected all who came in contact with him.” Simon faces his challenge with a lot of help from Kelly and even his father. Kelly knows Simon is struggling but cannot get through to him, so she takes him to a professional. Simon’s character is stubborn and doesn’t like accepting help, so when he gets it he makes it difficult for everyone. Kelly stays with Simon but with lack of Alcohol in his system Simon becomes on edge and angry and takes it out on the closet person to him, Kelly. Simon overcomes his addiction when he cracks and hits Kelly and has a conversation with his dad. “And then Simon came to a realization about them both. Robbie had tried fixing his addiction with an affair; Simon had tried to fix his with booze.” The challenge Simon has to face shows me a lot about his personality. Simon is a straight A student he has good friends and goals in life, however he does not handle difficult situations very well. When he gets angry he shits people out like when he walked out of Bio because he was sick of it. Simon is a caring person and he knows that his drinking is hurting people, “I’m a mess. You were right. I’m drinking too much’…’I don’t want to stop, I want to stay feeling this way… no, not this way...
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