Compare and Contrast Four Year Universities to Technical Colleges

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Technical Colleges vs. Four Year University’s
When deciding either to go to a technical college, like Manhattan Technical College, or a four year university, like Kansas State University there can be many things that come into play. Many can include, finances, level of independence, and whether or not a major is already determined. Technical colleges and four year universities are both excellent choices, but are meant for vastly different people. If someone has a set career path in mind such as a lawyer, then pursue law school in a four year university. But if that person has no set goals in mind, then a technical college would be a much better choice for that individual.

I have found education that a technical college provides is different from that of a four year university. While many people believe that a university is by far better, technical colleges tend toward fewer students per class, which means more student to teacher interaction. This is good for students who like access to their instructors so they can ask questions and avoid getting lost. This is one thing I love about going to Manhattan Technical College. If I need help I can always ask my teachers or e-mail them and they will be sure to get back to me quickly. Fewer students to teacher ratio means more one on one time with student and teacher, therefore enhances a students learning. It also means more recognition per student and individual teaching. At universities there is much less one on one time. Classrooms and lectures are fully crowded with hundreds of students per one teacher. I have friends that go to Kansas State University and I always hear them talking about how they can never get ahold of their teacher, or their teacher is too busy with other people to help them. I would hate that because if I pay to go to school then I want a good education. Although, technical colleges can’t provide students with the same degrees that universities can, most general education courses that a...
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