Community Colleges vs College Universites- Compare Contrast

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Community Colleges VS College Universities

When graduating high school many students are concerned with choices they have to make as to which college they would like to attend. Some may have more options than others that have to be considered as far as their lifestyle, current jobs, other responsibilities they may have, personality and their academic goals. Choosing a college can be quite difficult. You can either decide on a college university or the local community colleges in your area.

Community colleges are smaller than universities. Students will find them to have fewer enrollments which mean smaller classroom sizes. They have a better chance of getting hands on learning, asking more questions and learning course material better. Community colleges have strong advising systems and the advisers know their students well. The courses are usually taught by professors unlike some universities whose courses may taught by grad students. Small colleges as these do not offer near as many courses or academic programs as universities. Tuition at community colleges are so much more cheaper than universities, you may have tuition as much as $3,500.00 to 5,500.00 at community colleges versus $30,000.00 to $50,000.00 at universities and that itself is a great deal to consider. Another great thing about attending a local community college in your area is that most people can drive back and forth from their own home. They do not have to worry about dorm cost or finding apartments to rent when going away to college universities.

College Universities may be for you if you’re interested in having much more degree programs to choose from, if you’re a go getter, not afraid to speak up for yourself and take advantage of opportunities. You may also want to attend a university if you are ready to get away and adventure out from your hometown and meet a whole new diversity of thousands of people. If attending a university you can expect a much higher number of students...

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