Community College vs. University

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Community College vs. University
To some people, community college and university may seem very similar, and to others they seem quite different. Both are schools for higher education. While they share many similarities, there are also differences to be noticed. It is important to weigh these differences before deciding if a community college or university is the best option. The cost of tuition is a huge part of deciding where to go to college. Depending on where someone lives, community college tuition can be as much as 25 percent less expensive than university tuition costs. On average, university tuition can cost as much as $25,000 per year. Community colleges can provide students the chance to offset the financial demands of a university by earning the first two years of general education credits and then transferring these credits to a university. Sometimes, a student can earn an Associate degree before transferring to a university, which can be an added cost benefit. Employment is another huge component to providing for college life. If a person finds themselves needing a job while earning his or her degree, many universities provide on-campus employment, such as work-study opportunities. Community colleges generally do not. Community colleges are easier to schedule around work due to the offering of more night classes than universities, which can work well for those working their way through college. University can be challenging at times, due to less flexible class scheduling around work schedules. Campus life is a large part of socializing and getting to know fellow students. Universities excel in this department. The campus of a university usually offers many social opportunities and a large selection of activities. Individuals will likely have a much greater opportunity to meet and develop relationships with many different types of people while attending a university. If someone plans to attend a community college, campus life is not...
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