Community College Versus University

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Community Colleges versus Universities

Upon completion of High School most people may begin to contemplate if college is the path they want or need to take. Followed up with thoughts of whether a 2 year or a 4 year institution befits them. Various gradates yearn to construct their lives based on vocation, whereas others prefer working in jobs that offer them the essential experience to achieve knowledge. There are numerous programs offered to accommodate the desires of each person. Present day universities and community colleges offer certificates, 2-year programs, and 4-year programs. Both institutes encompass positive aspects and drawbacks. Community colleges are inclined to having a lighter workload and a limited program of study. The cost of tuition is immensely more affordable. Universities can increase the potential of career prospects. Attending a university directly out of high school without proper academic preparation can lead to an overwhelming experience. A potential student may not be in a financial situation that obliges them to work while going to school. A community college will offer more flexibility when scheduling courses. They offer far more night classes than most universities. Community colleges tend to have smaller class sizes, which gives the student easy access to instructors and can get assistance when needed. The workload is lighter than universities, which may be appealing for students that realize later in their life they want to pursue a college education. This lighter work load is also an advantage for students that did not take the appropriate high school courses or were academically unsuccessful. The expectation for students to perform on a stellar academic level is abridged. However, students can plan in time to transfer to a university although at the moment they may not be financially, academically, or expressively ready for a four-year institution presently. A major reason students attend community college...
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