Com-156 Week 9 Final Assignment

Topics: University, Debt, Money Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: January 11, 2012
I. Introduction
A. Some students are not ready for credit card responsibility because they are not familiar enough with credit rating and how credit cards impact it. Therefore, credit card companies should not be on campus marketing to college students.

II. Thesis Statement
B. Once students obtain credit cards, they are in danger of financial trouble.  While this is certainly not the case with all students, there are many stories of college students who get into serious debt after getting their first credit card.  Whether or not they work a part time job, college students typically have less cash available than they would like to spend, especially during the academic year.  In addition there are temptations to spend money everywhere, whether it is ordering a late night pizza or going away for spring break. (Chu, 30 March 2008)

III. Body
D. Once a student has a credit card balance that cannot be paid off in full, he or she runs the risk of getting into a cycle where only minimum payments are made and the balance gets higher each month.  The cost is much more than the value of the free tee shirt. Faced with this crisis, what can the college student do?  E. Many colleges are fighting back by banning these companies from being on campus yet some campuses have actually introduced school sponsored credit cards and even events sponsored on campus by these companies. Credit card companies should be banned outright from college campuses and colleges should consider making basic personal finance courses a requirement of the school. F. Students have good intentions of punctual bill payments after they enter the workforce; these intentions sometimes are not realized. Frequently, students lack money managing skills leaving a detrimental streak once they max their credit cards. G. Combine the general impulsiveness and new independence of many college students with the stresses of school and having no money and you have someone who is desperate for quick cash...
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