Colleges and Universities Should Require Their Students to Spend at Least One Semester Studying in a Foreign Country.

Topics: Universiti Sains Malaysia, University, Student Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Want to become globally competent? Then internship in foreign countries will surely help you. In today’s world of highly competing students, exposure to foreign countries will definitely get them to know about the skills required to become a world class professional, how to react to a new culture, how to adapt to new working environment etc. To raise the skills to international standards, it is inevitable for a student to study in foreign university. I completely agree with the author’s view but has also failed to analyze certain hidden characteristics.

Every student wants to be in par with the skills required for global standards to achieve great heights. For such students, study in foreign university will boost their skills. Let us take an instance. Some of my classmates were sent to do internship in university sains Malaysia, one of the leading universities in Malaysia. After completing their internship in Malaysia, they have become globally competent and we were no close to the skills they had empowered. They were recruited by IBM and also they were the only students who were selected among the 200 eligible students.

On the contrary, every student can’t afford to study in foreign country. Also not every student will have the interest to study in a foreign university. If coercively such students are made to study in a foreign university, then there is serious threat to the university’s reputation as these students will dabble in their internship. These students will not learn anything new and also will harm the company’s reputation. This is the case for an iota of students.

To become globally competent, it is essential for students to study in foreign universities to raise their skills to international standards. The author’s prompt will be applicable for a myriad of students. Even though there are minor negatives, since benefits outweigh disadvantages, I completely agree with the author’s view.
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