College Writing and What It Entails

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College Writing and Some of What It Entails

Peggy Igl

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College Writing and Some of What It Entails

According to the University of Maryland University College (2011), college writing is assigned by your instructors to teach you critical thinking and communication skills needed to communicate not only in your courses, but your workplace as well. The assignments an instructor will assign will be of many different types and under many different circumstances too. While you are completing such assignments there are a few areas of which the student should pay particular attention to. These areas will consist of the documentation style, plagiarism, college writing aspects covered by APA style, the concepts of academic honesty, and how APA style applies to all. Documentation style is a standard method used to create citations for sources that the author of a paper has consulted, abstracted, or quoted from (Wisconsin-Madison, 2011). Although many documentation styles exist, there are only three styles that are most often used in college writing. Such styles are: Modern Language Association (MLA), American Psychological Association (APA), and Chicago Manual Style (CS). However, the most often style required in college writing is that of APA (Ryan, 2011). Using documentation style is, in my opinion, of major significance in college writing, because in doing so your paper appears more professional, your paper is well-organized, allows your reader(s) to more efficiently find the sources for information they find of interest, and of most significance of all, it also requires you as the student to give credit to the author of the source of information they had used. In college writing APA style is known as a way to organize and document the sources a student has used in writing either a research paper or essay assigned by their instructor (Domeier, 2011). Using APA style in college writing allows many aspects to be covered, but I feel the...

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