College Pressures

Topics: University, Education, Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: July 9, 2013
A Recipe for Dangerous Behavior
In the United States, college is a journey that can teach students some of the most important lessons that they will carry throughout their lives. Author William Zinsser write in his essay “ College Pressures ” that students can face a wide variety of pressures like parental, economical to even the most common type, self induced pressure. Although college is supposed to help students develop as individual people, they are placed into an environment that is extremely competitive when it comes to over all grades. This creates students that torture themselves over the grade places on their transcript and can increase the need for some students to look for an escape. Also, this type of self induced pressure can lead a student to make negative health choices. With these ingredients mixed together, self induced college pressures can influence students to make bad decisions.

The overwhelming self induced pressure to get good grades affects students in a way that they make choices that negatively impact their health and well being. Zinsser states, “long gone are the days of a “gentleman’s C” ‘(452). Nowadays, students think that getting a “C” is equivalent to failing. Not only do they want to succeed but this pressure has cause some students to look for a way to gain an edge by using illegal prescription drugs that allow them to study for hours on end. Ritalin is one of the most common drugs used to gain this advantage. Vitamin “K” as it’s called is a drug that increases alertness and concentration in people with attention deficit disorder when it’s prescribed by a doctor. There is an alarming and increasing trend in the use of this drug across college campuses in the United States. According to professor and researcher Allan Desantis of the University of Kentucky, forty five percent of students interviewed at that campus stated that they use or have used Ritalin without a prescription to study long hours before a test. The long...
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