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Do we send students to college to grow personally and intellectually or strictly to develop work related skills? In your opinion what should be the purpose of a college education and what do you hope to gain from your personal experience?

College is a big step for anyone, especially teenagers, who is still growing up. Unlike in high school where the main focus is the curriculum, college also focuses on developing personality. College is not about papers and tests; it is about growing personally and intellectually while developing work related skills to help in life. A college education involves more than books and tests. It should be an experience a student should never forget. At Southwestern University, the school motto is “Be Southwestern.” To “Be Southwestern” students have to be determined and focused. To “Be Southwestern” students have to be involved. During my visit to Southwestern University, I noticed that for such a small school there are so many opportunities available to learn in variety of environments and participate in campus life. At Southwestern University the campus life consists of music, plays, Greek life, athletic events, religious interests, and preparation for the study abroad program. I have never been out of this country, and one thing I like about Southwestern is the study abroad program. Personally, I have always wanted to go to Italy. Not just because I am in love with Italian food but because it’s so different from America. I want to go to a college that allows me to see the world and experience new things. A college education should help you meet your desire to explore and interact with the world around you. Another thing I like about Southwestern University is how much help is available for students from professors. I want to go to a college that has small class sizes and cares about me as an individual. Every Southwestern University student I’ve talked to has said the professors will know who you are, will always...
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