College drinking

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, University, Student Pages: 4 (793 words) Published: April 14, 2014

College Drinking at Methodist University
Professor Mark Kline

Every five months within the New Year, there are thousands of high-school students graduated and ready to start off their new school year in college. Some looking forward to the education and some that are anticipating the frat parties, and most commonly drinking. College student drinking are common throughout universities in the United States; however, along with the risky alcoholic beverage is underage drinkers. Therefore, how often do college students drink and how much do they really obtain. Subjects: Methodist University is small D3 private school in Fayetteville, North Carolina; also known as a “dry campus”. In words of students dry campuses are considered boring; there is no drinking, or partying on campus. As of now there are 165 undergraduates at Methodist University that drink, and have their preferences of what they like and do not like, 56.97% are female and 43.03% are male. There are 52.73% students that are freshman, 21.21% are sophomores, 13.97% are juniors and 12.12% are seniors. Procedures: My assignment in class was to find out how much and how often do college students drink. Second, my class and I went to the computer labs and did some academic research on the research question. Then, we came back to class and spoke about what we have found, in addition our teacher came up with a way we can make a table and find out how much, and how often do students drink at Methodist University. Fourth, we developed the table, on the table it had a title; they had to check off their age , gender, year, drinking preference, and tell us how much they drank in the past two weeks. Next, I took my table and asked three sophomore friends that were female and two of my freshman friend’s one female and one male. Finally, we send in our results to our professor, and he came up with a graph of all our data added up together...
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