College and the Well-Lived Life

Topics: University, Happiness, Student Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Summary of "College and the Well-Lived Life"

In "College and the Well-Lived Life," Derek Bok talks about the importance of college in students life. He tells us that studying in colleges can change student's understanding about happiness and guides them to live a happier life. Also, It shows us that colleges help freshmen students to gain the knowledge and interests which leads them to a good and satisfying life. Colleges and universities are helping students to fulfill their interests in a way that lead them to satisfaction and happiness.

At the beginning of this article, the author compared two periods of time to the idea of being a college student in the early 1960s. The idea of being a college student or the reason which made students attended colleges was for the sake of knowledge and to improve their perspective of life. However, now 75 percent of college students attend colleges for the sake of money or to have a good opportunity to get the job that he or she wants. Thus, both of them are looking for the satisfaction and happiness from their own way and their own understanding of life, and no matter how they achieve their goals. The idea of being rich and have a lot of money became the main aim for students to enter a college.

Because of the widespread idea for making money, many colleges are forced to offer more pre professional courses which help students to increase their opportunities to get a good paid-jobs. Most of undergraduate courses were focused on making lots of money and preparing students for a good life. Otherwise, colleges ask students to study other general courses in order to increase their knowledge in many fields, such as social sciences and humanities. Colleges also encourage students to determine their concerns and in another area in life and to help them live an easily life. In these days, colleges are offering courses about happiness or similar to the behavioral sciences courses....
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