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Determine one assessment and evaluative measure as directives for HR that will measure your divisional effectiveness over the next five years of Coca-Cola. -Once the assessment and evaluative measure is determined write 2-3 sentences explaining what it will measure and why it should be used to help Coca-Cola's HR effectiveness over the next five years.

In relation to the organization Coca Cola Inc. one of the assessment methods which can be used as directives for HR include the observation of the behavior of the employees within the organization. If coke wants to more reputation in the world they must produce more incentives for employees from which they more done work hard and produce good quality. Divisional effectiveness can be measured through monitoring levels of return on capital invested for production purposes. The higher the returns the effective the business strategy being utilized. The human resource does play a key role in ensuring that the company remains competitive and relevant in the industry. As part of the directors, my priority would be to advocate for employees being awarded with stock options and new product offerings being introduced in the company. Stock options do impact on employee morale. Targets can then be set including creating a favorable working environment which will encourage employee innovation in term of innovation. * Measure levels of creativity and innovation.

* Measure levels of employee morale.
* Continue advertising.
* To provide cost-effective rewards that are meaningful to associates, and to encourage continuous learning, making the company as successful as it can be If HR department apply the above issue then employee’s satisfaction will go high in every division and the revenue of the company will touch to the extreme position in next five years.

REFERENCE Martin, J. (2008). Human Resource...
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