Civil War Essay

Topics: African American, Barack Obama, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: August 6, 2013
Civil War Era

What is Divine Spark? That’s a good question. Divine Spark is having ownership or having the mindset that’s there is a God, also having a connection with him. In this excerpt the Divine Spark that Chamberlain described by saying “you looked in the eye and there was a man. There was a Divine spark as mother used to say. That was all there was to it.. All there is to it.” Divine Spark was being used to define the idea that every human has a soul and that every one has a spirit that is equal and connected to God without discrimination.

But what does it mean to be a human? A human is not just a white man. In the reading Chamberlain said “ I tried to point out that a man is not a horse, and he replied, very patiently, that that was the thing I did not understand, that a Negro was not a man.” Basically he was saying that black men were not human, and they were slaves who were made to be controlled and treated like animals. A human is someone who has the nature as a person, a living being. Every person is equal and has equal rights. It’s not about which race is better or has a better way of living. Being a human means to have a social aspect but also to have as much knowledge and intelligence that you can gain. Not every black man is better than every white man and not every white man is better than every black man. Everyone has their own spirit, soul and energy but that shouldn’t give it any reason to make anyone not equal because everyone has the same rights and everyone also has the amendments. Everyone is equal in every way and we are all “human” enough to know that.

In today’s world a great example of “divine spark” is Barack Obama Healthcare Plan and the way it has been set up. The way President Obama has set up the Health Plan for the middle class. Republicans disagree with Obama care, but just because their rich have more money doesn’t mean that poor shouldn’t be able to get healthcare or get help. Basically I’m saying that everyone has...
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