Children 50 Years from Now

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Cookie, Drink Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Every Sunday in Bikini Bottom is a very stormy, yet dreadful day. So therefore on every Sunday night around 6:30 p.m. Charlie Sheen goes and visits the Krusty Krab Pub. While he’s there he drinks until he can’t anymore. He takes shots and gets every drink you could ever think of. He says he does it because all the rain and bad weather depresses him and the drinking helps him forget about the weather and everything else happening in life. One day when Charlie was at the bar like he is every Sunday night he met a guy that looked like a puppet of some sort. His name was the Cookie Monster. As many normal people would dip their favorite cookies in milk. The Cookie Monster dips his favorite cookies into his alcoholic beverages. He says his favorite kind of cookie is a chocolate chip cookie. He enjoys dipping his cookies in his Yeager Bomb. He finds this very delicious. So one day Charlie and the Monster was sitting at the bar on Sunday night drinking like usual, when they came up with the idea to build a flying golf cart while working in there whitie tightie. The following Monday they began their build. After what seemed like years of working they finally finished and succeeded on building a flying golf cart. They didn’t know where they wanted to drive it too. They figured since it could fly, that they would drive to the Bahamas. So they both hoped in the golf cart popped open there bottle of vodka and cranked up the radio and was on their way. When they arrived to their destination everyone just stared at them with a disgusted face. Charlie and the Monster then realized they were still in their underwear. They hopped out of their flying golf cart and went to the nearest bar and spent their day there, to then leave to go back home to Bikini Bottom.
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