Cheating: University and Better Feeling

Topics: University, Academic dishonesty, Ethics Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Cheating or being dishonest is not illegal, but is a huge problem in society. Cheating is not considered illegal since the discipline is handled by the university; although cheating is not illegal many still consider it to be unethical. Cheating is taken very seriously at universities and schools everywhere. As one cheats they do not think about the consequences as it can affect the school career as well as the professional career. Cheating also takes a toll on the grades and may put forth questioning the student’s morality. Being dishonest is not using your own work to get the grade it is using another person’s work as your own to get credit. Cheating can take place in many ways it can be done knowingly or unintentionally. Cheating on purpose is knowing that what you are doing is wrong, and using someone else’s work as your own. Unintentionally cheating is usually by forgetting to cite a source, or maybe just not knowing how to do it, or by not summarizing or paraphrasing correctly. Not knowing how to cite, summarize and paraphrasing correctly can cause a lot of unnecessary punishment. Another form of cheating can be plagiarism which is writing someone’s words as your own and can also have serious consequences. Which plagiarism is mostly done in papers students write trying to hurry up and finish so they do not have to worry about it

anymore. It doesn’t matter what kind of cheating the person is doing, overall, cheating is wrong. Students who cheat are not really worried at that point in time what might happen if they get caught, they are just worried about getting the assignment done as fast as possible. Cheating on an exam has a major effect on the person’s grade which could also affect the person’s personal life as well. Causes for cheating vary. Some reasons are: they could be in a hurry to get the exam done; not studying and not wanting to get a bad grade as a result, or even want to make sure they get a good grade on the exam. Some professors...
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