Cheating at University

Topics: Cheating, Academic dishonesty, University Pages: 5 (1658 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Cheating at University is a bad habit that can affects student´s whole life

Everybody was once a student and his favorite tool for writing an essay or presentation was CTR+C and CTRL+V. However, in the past, students did not have conveniences like us. Therefore, they need not these functions but they must go to library and read a lot of books to find the best material for their school work. Nowadays, we have internet and a lot of online databases where we can find a lot of material for our work. That is why cheating is more extended now then in the past. However, high school students usually do not consider copying some parts of someone work as cheating. Therefore, when they do it later at university, they are violating university rules and they can lose their academic integrity. Also students can be excluded from college for cheating. Other bad thing about cheating is that people cannot get rid of this bad habit. When student starts to cheat in the school, he does it usually also later in the work and it can have bad consequences. On the other hand, sometimes can happen that nobody find out that the student was cheating. This can help him to finish the college and find a well-paid job. However, it can happen that, somebody detect that the student was cheating and he can be suspended. Even though the students know that cheating is immoral, short-term solution, and it can affect their future, they do not hesitate to continue with it. Nowadays, a lot of students cheat but they do not realize that they can lose their academic integrity. Academic integrity is the moral code which includes avoiding of cheating or plagiarizing and honesty in research. Also, it is the key to successful finish university. Penalty for violating academic integrity depend on severity of the violation. It is usually zero from a test, assignment or exam, warning, disciplinary probation for a set period of time or suspension. In some case, the student can be expulsing from college (Princeton University, 2011). Moreover, any impressive work the student does in the future will be tainted by his reputation for cheating. For example, when student is writing essay but he early plagiarized either a part or entire work of another students or someone else and pretend it as his own work, later nobody will believe him that it is his work and not someone else (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2012). Also trust is difficult to rebuild again, when he has been caught for cheating. Students may recover quickly from the test where they got zero or warning which they got when they were caught for cheating. However, it takes a long time for a student to make up wrongful behavior. This creates a lack of trust between students and professors and it damages relationships. Also losing academic integrity has a serious effect on the trust shown by not only professors but also employers and peers. According to research made by David Wangaard, director of The School for Ethical Education, and Jason Stephens, assistant professor in University of CT, 82% of students reported seeing homework cheating weekly, 44% reported seeing test cheating and only 12% of them reported seeing other students being caught in cheating. Therefore, when only 12% of students are caught during cheating, students do not hesitate and cheat again. When they are cheating, they can lose their academic integrity which has a serious effect on their future. Losing academic integrity can lead to expulsion from university. Students often start only with small violations of rules, but it usually grows up to a serious problem. Therefore, almost all universities solve this problem with exclusion of cheating student. For example, the City University has Scholastic Honesty Policy. When the professor finds out that the student violates the rules, he has to contact the Scholastic Honesty Committee Chair of the academic ethics. He notifies a date of Hearing and the student has some time to prepare for it....
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