Chap 13 Postmodern Theorizing

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Chapter 13: Postmodern Theorizing
Modernity: or the modern period, follows after 3 other periods in history: The Renaissance, Reformation and the Enlightenment. Modernity is how science and reason transcends the ways of the world and how it functions. The modernity began in the late 1800’s up until the beginning of WW1. The viewpoints were order, rationality and reason. And theorist worked to reconcile reason with faith. (Woods, 287) Forms of Modernity

1. The coherent, autonomous self = ideally individuals should be rational and coherent according to modernist view of science. Humans learned more through experience rather than in institutions.

1. Postmodernism= an intellectual and political movement that does its work through critical analysis 2. Grand narratives= coherent stories that cultures tell about themselves, their practices and their values. 3. Micro politics= resistance at local levels

4. Relational self= humans are a kaleidoscope of always forming and re-forming selves. 5. Commodification= process by which phenomena are treated as products to be acquired and used. 6. Discursive structures= are deeply embedded ways of thinking about expressing identity and conducting social life. 7. Nihilism= denial of any absolute basis of meaning in life, identities, values guides for conduct, ethical standards. They are all so subjective that there aren’t any clear or stable basis for judging some beliefs, codes of ethics, social practices and ways of being as better than others. 8. Sous rateur= under erasure

9. Subject= refers to people

Ideas of grand narratives in America would be “the land of opportunities” in which coming to America would give immigrants greater possibilities of success than in their native land.
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