Changes in Alcohol Ads

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Changes in Alcohol Advertisements Through The Years
Over the years, advertising techniques have changed dramatically. Advertisements, whether they be in a magazine, on television, on websites, or on the radio, try to appeal to certain audiences and genders, congregate different values, and contain many different aesthetics. Ads and commercials from the 1940-1970 eras significantly differ from those in present day and will continue to differ in the years to come. As long as advertising continues, there will always be changes made to appeal to the general public. The first ad that we will take a look at is the Cossack Vodka ad from the 1970s. The poster features a young woman with animated, cartoon-like features and contains a caption stating, "The morning after...!" The ad suggests that drinking Cossack Vodka all night will not give anyone a hangover, and they can still look amazing after a long night of intense partying (Behrens). There is also a quote of what the young woman is saying, "Oh, wasn't it fantastic!?!! And this morning I feel so beautiful, so beautiful!" suggesting that the morning after should be just as beautiful as the night before (Behrens). There is certainly a lot of text on the advertisement itself, the text promoting the beverage itself and the quotes the character in the ad is saying. According to Jib Fowles’ article, this advertisement promotes an attention appeal. Its purpose is to make the drinkers, especially women, feel beautiful while they are drinking the vodka and the next day when they will more than likely be sick. The consumers of Cossack Vodka are going to want to be looked at, which is the direction that this ad is pointing to. Advertisements of the 21st century differ greatly in every aspect than those in the prior time periods. The ad from this time period being compared to the Cossack Vodka ad from the 1970's is a 2002 advertisement for Absolut Vodka (Google). It is a picture of an indentation in the ground with the...

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