Challenges Facing the Nontaditional Female Student

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English 111
24 June 2013
The Challenges Facing the Female Nontraditional Student
There are many challenges that come with a college education for a nontraditional female student. These hurdles can have a negative effect on a college student or be the catalyst that drives them to succeed. A college degree can be an attainable goal for the nontraditional college student by accepting the challenges that come and staying true to the goal ahead. The three articles that I will refer to are; “Inspiration from Home: Understanding Family as Key to Adult Women’s Self-Investment”, by Annemarie Vaccaro and Cheryl Lovell, “Good Times to Hard Times: An Examination of Adult Learners’ Enrollment from 2004-2010.” by Sara B. Kimmel, Kristena P. Gaylor, M. Ray Grubbs & J. Bryan Hayes, finally, “Nontraditional College Students: Assumptions, Perceptions and Directions for a Meaningful Academic Experience,” by Lakia Scott and Chance Lewis. These studies describe both the positive and negative challenges faced by the nontraditional student.

First, the positive points are: “[i]n studies comparing traditional-age and adult learners, older students outperform young women,” and “adult women learners may experience a… different and more positive transformation than their…younger… counterparts” (162). Then other positive impacts are the gratification of going to college which increased skills, self- respect and personal freedom. Also, they write, “[i]n a sense, family was key to women’s inspiration to remain engaged in school. Earning a degree and…. family pride were strong motivators to invest in education. One way women were motivated by kin was the prospect of being the first person in their family to graduate from college”(168). These points are from the article, “Inspiration from Home” by Vacarro and Lovell. In the Scott and Lewis article,

“Nontraditional College…” found that “older learners are highly goal-oriented...

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