Cave Of Forgotten Dreams

Topics: Art, Cave painting, Archaeology Pages: 3 (475 words) Published: November 12, 2014
The movie Cave of Forgotten Dreams shows an important event in archaeology. There could be many thoughts on the main focus of the movie but to me the film mainly showed the importance of art and how it can help scientist discover important facts from our past. Not only does the art show the facts of our past but also how the people thought and how animals and the people have changed. Archaeological Theme

The main theme of the film was the art work. The main message of the film was to show the importance of art and how it can help scientist discover things from our past and how things have evolved and how the people depicted in the past. The art was an astonishing finding that archaeologist and scientist can use to help answer questions and clarify many findings. Overview of Film

Cave of Forgotten Dreams is about a director who wants to share his experience of discovering amazing paintings from thousands of years ago in the Chauvet Cave that is located in France. The government cut off access to the public of the cave but Herzog was given access to be in company of a group of scientist and was able to go inside and show us the paintings that he discovered that were thousands of years old. The paintings that were found were paintings of animals of that time and showed how they lived. This discover of the paintings will not been seen anymore besides in the film. The France government now had limited access to the caves.

Methodologies, theories, and other archaeological concepts highlighted in film
One of the main concepts of the movie was the importance of the paintings and how they show the importance of discovering our past. By discovering the paintings archaeologist and scientist are able to see what was going on in the past and how the people in the past thought and how things and people have evolved. The importance of art is a very special part of our past because it can answer may things that we can’t get from people because many of...

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2. Sutton,Mark Q. Archaeology: the science of the human past/ Mark Sutton-4 ed.
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