Cause & Effect

Topics: Technology, Video game console, Trust Pages: 3 (755 words) Published: October 13, 2014
As each generation passes technology advances. So much to the point that it is hindering old community habits as well as isolating families and individuals. The old ancient ones excelled at resisting the seduction. Odysseus avoided the seductive song of the Sirens when traveling through Siren’s Isle, while the modern world seems to always be susceptible to new and improved technology. The new technology and the advancements in the high speeds of internet have isolated and put families in a bind, destroyed old community habits, and have made the world an internet and technology driven universe where word of mouth is no longer what it used to be.

As far as families being put in a bind, you now see that on road trips games, such as “I Spy” and “20 Questions,” no longer exist. Families now have their children isolated with headphones on watching a DVD, or each child has his own smart phone and is waist deep in whatever game or activity they are conducting in. This is all in opposition to interacting with your children and truly having “family time.” Isolation is more prevalent now than ever amongst families. For example, your son is upstairs on his Xbox or Playstation, while your daughter is on Facebook gossiping about nonsense. Before this technological age each child helped prepare and serve dinner. However, parents are now yelling from the bottom of the staircases “dinner is ready!” This lifestyle change plays a vital role in family interaction and communication. Each of these small and simple actions has slowly begun to deteriorate the extremely important merging of families.

Not too long ago the word “neighborhood” had a meaning behind it. Today, your neighborhood does not consist of names of families, however, just a section of the city you live in. No longer do kids throw the ball in the yard. It is now a day and age of online interaction whether it is by computer, game console, or both. There were times when you knew each and every person, not only on...
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