Case Study of Jeffrey Dahmer

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A Case-Study of Jeffrey Dahmer.

This paper will present case-analysis of the life and history of American psychopathic offender Jeffrey Dahmer. With the aim of carrying out this assignment effectively the research will be done from a psychological perspective; with regard to understanding the best fitted typology for the defendant’s criminality. Here these intimate aspects of the study will purely focus on the profiling of the offender, analyzing his past criminal record conjointly introducing the different types of influences on his criminal career. Subsequently one will uncover the number and types of individuals who fallen victim to the offender’s crimes, jointly explaining the impact his offences had on society. In the end this piece will determine whether there is any kind of treatment or rehabilitation best suited for this offender, which may prevent them from reoffending in the near future. During the late 1970’s the US saw a momentous decade, noticing radical transformations to technology, and major advancements towards liberation and freedom. These societal progressive steps confirmed that US society was now expressing one another more passionately and openly than ever before. This view justifies rationale for the spate of killings that would commence by the hands of Dahmer and other similar types of criminals of that era. However Dahmer began to show mental signs of sadistic behaviour during his pre-teen years after moving hometown. Whilst his peers were living normal young lives, Dahmer would show his morbid fascination with death; collecting dead animals to take apart the remains so he could view the viscera and store the bones. Evidently this abnormal behaviour would later link with his extreme desire to gain sexual gratification from having sex with, mutilating and even eating his dead victims. According to reliable documentary source BORN TO KILL? JEFFREY DAHMER (2005) it is alleged that “the breakdown of his parents’ marriage”, left him mentally depressed and lonely, which possibly boosted his drive further to commit these horrific crimes. Subsequently throughout the course of the 1980’s when Dahmer began to commit more rampant murders the US saw the use and influence of various types of drugs and alcohol. These substances were able to effect many young people’s lives including Dahmer who became an excessive alcoholic, leading to his downward spiral. From the documentary it is revealed that after Dahmer’s apprehension communities hit by Dahmer’s attacks were left “Shattered!..[and] People stopped coming out!” conveying the massive threat Dahmer posed to society; that even people’s day-to-day lives were impacted by his crimes, due to their fears of being victimised.

Following Dahmer’s arrest in 1991 he managed to accumulate a total of seventeen deaths of young men in the US. Seemingly all of Dahmer’s male victims were mostly African-American indicating perhaps his sexual preference. From the documentary BORN TO KILL? (2005) it is pointed out that “As he got to be about 13 or 14 and he was coming into his sexual awareness...he had some kissing with another boy in the neighbourhood and realised he was attracted to boys.” This quote emphasizes why Dahmer might have chosen his particular targets, as his gay physical attraction possibly drew him closer purposefully. Prior to Dahmer murdering his victims the initial stages of his ritual operation would entail him meeting them on the street, gay bars or bathhouses where he would offer them money to pose nude back in his apartment. If successful he would then proceed to take the victim back home where he would begin to methodically intoxicate and asphyxiate them; before finally practising bouts of necrophilia and cannibalism with the victim’s corpse for sexual pleasure. After murdering and dismembering his first victim in 1978 Dahmer took a nine year hiatus before striking again for a four year stint killing sixteen more innocent...

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