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Topics: Bullying, Alcoholic beverage, Human rights Pages: 3 (501 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Nakatikim ka na ba ng Kinse Años?

Prepared by:
Camille Hannah D. Asuncion
BAM – 205

To be report to:
Prof. Inan C. Hinanay

Defining the Problem

• The billboard of Napoleon Brandy was set off to an issue in which a wife to blame her husband of having a concern with a 15-year-old at a bar. Some of the campaigns to encourage the sexual harassment and mistreating of women.

Diagnosing the Problem

• What was the Problem?

➢ Central Problem:

- Why should Napoleon Quince post billboards that affects or abusing non-drinkers within 15 years old?

➢ Secondary Problem:

- It is right to hurt or abuse a child or a woman in use of wrong phrases?

• Possible Effect of the Problem?

➢ Primary:

- When non-drinkers read the teasing question printed on the Napoleon Brandy billboard, drinking was the last thing that came to their mind. That's despite the fact that a giant image of a bottle of brandy was right beside the printed words.

➢ Secondary:

It is annoying to such people that do not care to those issues.

• Issues Concern:

➢ Ethical:

- It is wrong to post the billboard in public. This is against the rights of each child or in each woman. And the non-drinker thinks that the billboard is encouraged by the Napoleon Quince to drink alcoholic beverages.

➢ Unethical:

- The company encourages buying their product to some consumers in their fifteen year brandy.

Search for Alternative Solutions

• Post a billboard that has a correct phrase or quotation about their product.

• Use an artist to model their product instead of using words.

• Use other medias to introduce their product (i.e. TV, Radios, Newspaper, Magazines, etc.)

Weighing the Alternatives

|Solution |Advantage |Disadvantage...
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